Do you require assistance or do you know someone who may require assistance from the Foundation?

It is our intention to provide assistance to as many people with Cancer as possible, however, please be aware that we have a selection criteria when ascertaining which applications we will proceed with helping.

Because we are a small fund that is trying to help the really desperate cases that fall through the normal cracks, there is a very strict criteria that people must meet before we can consider their case.  This criteria revolves around their having exhausted every other means of support, including friends and family, both financially and supportive.

  • Have you exhausted all other means of help from government agencies, hospitals and other organisations?
  • Do you have a family/ friends support network?
  • Have you used all available funds for your treatment?

We wish we could help everyone that comes to our door but it is just not possible.  The hardest thing we have learned in recent years is the ability to say no.  But it is only in this way that we can ensure when someone in desperate need comes to us that we will be able to respond.

Having said all of the above, if you have a case which you think fills our criteria please forward us your application for evaluation.

Click HERE to download the application form.