A Random Act of Kindness

Recently the mother of a child that the Foundation is assisting went into her local pharmacy to purchase products for her very sick little girl.  The pharmacist who knew the mother asked about the condition of her daughter.  The mother explained that they had suffered a recent scare in that symptoms suggested her daughter’s cancer was spreading.  Her doctors were currently carrying out tests, the results of which wouldn’t be known for a little while.  She went on to explain that the mothers own symptoms at present suggested that her own cancer may have returned and she herself would be undergoing some painful examinations in the coming days to determine if this was the case.

As she concluded her conversation with the pharmacist and left the store, the pharmacist turned his attention to another customer, a man, waiting at the counter.  The man, before transacting his own business, handed the pharmacist $100 with the request that it be paid off the mother’s pharmacy account!

The man wished to remain totally anonymous, even to the mother!  He wasn’t interested in leaving his name or having the mother notified of his kind and generous contribution.  He was just one of life’s wonderful people who was quick to put the mother’s plight ahead of his own business.

People like this man, by their selfless acts, not only impact those they intend, but all of us.  In this busy and self-preoccupied world these people make us suddenly aware that in our midst there are some beautiful and selfless people.

It is a shame that they wish to remain anonymous, otherwise we could all thank them for helping to restore our faith in humanity!

mother and daughter image