Fundraiser for Cancer Awareness

Earlier in 2012 the foundation was contacted by Dan and Elle. They had been following the Talin's Wish campaign and were considering how they could help. Then after hearing of his passing they were more determined to make a difference and hold a fundraiser.

Not only did Dan and Elle want to raise money but they also wanted to raise Cancer awareness. So Dan decided to shave his head and Elle decided to cut off her pony tail and donate it so that it can be used for wigs to help other people with cancer and going through the same suffering as what poor Talin did.

Congratulations Dan and Elle on a successful fundraiser and for raising the awareness of cancer in the community. This is their story:

"On Friday 7th December 2012, the kind people at Oxford Art Factory allowed us to take over their gallery bar for 3 hours, with a capacity of around 180 people, we managed to get over 125 people through the door throughout the night. The aim was to raise as much money and awareness as we could for The Prostate Cancer Foundation and The Lynne King Cancer Care Foundation.

To start the night out, we had a raffle ticket system on entry with a $10 cover charge, that raffle ticket put you in the draw to win a double pass to the Courtyard party on the 26th Boxing Day at the well known sydney establishment The Ivy, our kind friends who were apart of running the event donated 2 of these double passes and we were beyond grateful for them.

Raffle tickets were bought at either 2 for $5 or 5 for $10, and all of the winners all got a choice of what they wanted to take home with them. All of these donations really went to show that since Cancer is something that most people can all relate to as it has effected so many of us one way or another, people are willing to really dig deep and show their support to help raise awareness.

On the night, we had 3 photographers and 3 different musical acts on the night, and all of which kindly donated their time and efforts to help out on the night.

The end of the night was the infamous hair chop for the both of us, with Dan never having shaved his head before or Elle having had short hair, it was a scary moment. We took a deep breath and it started, but afterwards we felt amazing knowing what a good cause it was going towards.

Elle's hair was donated to the well known Sydney salon Pierre Hatted.

After all that our night had to offer, and our end result having raised around $1600- we could not have been more pleased and happy with the outcome of the event overall.

Thank you so much to Oxford Art Factory, PCFA and Lynne King Cancer Care Foundation, and to all of those who generously donated prizes and to all of those came down on the night to help raise money, we hope that everyone is as pleased with the results as we are."

If you would like to organise your own fundraiser as Elle and Dan have, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in any way possible.

Elle and Dan Poster